Quality sofas at the most competitive prices

40,000 square meters of building surface area are just the basis of our industrial production recognized for its quality and attention to detail. This is where we produce our high­quality sofas at the most competitive prices on the market. DiTre International was founded on the passion for raw materials and their selection, attention to detail and the study of new shapes and ergonomics. Thanks to this we have reached even higher levels of comfort and product longevity. The possibility of disposing our production unit at Arad, Rumania as industry leader and internationally known supplier completes our competitive sales offer and is profitable at all levels.

600 highly qualified employees daily produce more than 800 sofas in 120 variations of leather and fabrics.

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Reliability and flexibility of production

DiTre International has distinguished itself as a European producer of sofas and beds for the values that have guided the development of its industrial production since its foundation, which are the quality of the finished product and the materials used.

Our commitment to maintain affordable prices is never neglected and we strive to maintain our product catalogue updated and in line with market trends.

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